The Buchele Adventure

This is record of the Buchele Adventure, as reported from West Africa.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Loading Shedding and Loving It (or, at least not hating it…) by Suzanne

Sunday evening was our load shedding time, no power from 6pm to 6am. Steve and I left for our marriage enrichment class at 4:45 and when we got home, the house was dark save 3 candles burning at the table, and 3 kids hanging out around the table. They had finished their homework and were reading or drawing. Steve and I came in, got out some food and drink, and we all ended up eating crackers and groundnut paste (peanut butter) around the table – eventually we went through a whole package of crackers. Conversation was jovial, ranging from school and friends, the play Fox just got a part in, world events in the newspaper (our friend Nate had just given us a stack of International Herald Tribunes that he had already read – a real treat!), the fallibility or infallibility of scripture and different perspectives of that, and generally God’s will for our lives. Eventually we realized that it was 9:30 and bedtime, at least for some. So one-by-one we cleared parts of the table, and took candles upstairs to our respective rooms and beds. I went to bed feeling like this load shedding is not so bad, at least for this American family (who, admittedly, still find this all “novel”).


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