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Friday, May 18, 2007

You know it’s hot (by Suzanne)

[the only time we see lizards like this one is when it is REALLY hot, we've been seeing quite a few lately]

The hot season has been upon us for some weeks (months?) now. Thankfully, it has rained a few times, and been overcast some also, which gives a respite from the heat. On those sunny hot days, though, especially when the light is out, it’s HOT. How hot, you ask? Read on (it’s all true).

You know it’s hot when:

  • You put on deodorant at bedtime

  • You are dripping with sweat - after a 10 minute walk – at 8am!

  • You put on a fresh shirt, and it’s soaked through in a few minutes

  • Your Band-Aids won’t stick

  • Even your adolescent children sometimes fall asleep in the mid-afternoon

  • At the end of the day, your legs are coated with dirt (having stuck to your sweat and dried there)

  • Taking a shower before bedtime is a necessity (see above!)

  • Whether or not you have a hot water heater, or have it turned on, is irrelevant

  • You have to hang the clothes you wore that day out to dry in the evening, or they will mold in your closet (see pict)

  • You need to air out your sheets in the morning or they also will mildew (love that sweat)

  • You can’t make it through the day without drinking 2-3 full 1.5 liter bottles of water

[yesterday’s cloths drying out]


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