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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Ate Something… by Suzanne

In Ghana these are well-known and experienced words. Usually about 24 hours of stomach ills (I won’t go into detail here) plus feeling rotten. Unfortunately, I ate something last night, so am sick. Blah. So far it seems that the FloraStor (Thanks, Mary!) and activated charcoal (Thanks, Julie!) are handling it pretty well. Thankfully my friend Nii drove me around last night and I got the supplies for my stay in the hostel so I have everything I need (which right now is really just toilet paper, water, and digestive biscuits). Where I am staying is right across the street from one of the proper grocery stores in town, Koala, so without Nii I would have just gone there and spent 3 times as much money for the same things; instead Nii drove me by a local stand and is much more affordable. And with Nii’s car I could get a case of water, which would be difficult to do even at Koala since it’s a few blocks away and across a very busy street.

Nii and I went to dinner last night and had a nice visit – Nii is the husband of Adzo and father of little TK, Adzo is Dean of Students at Ashesi and also my good friend – some of you may have seen their beautiful wedding picture in our house or on our blog. Adzo and TK and in South Africa right now visiting her sister, they’ll be back Monday and I must say I can’t wait to see both Adzo and little TK (about 18 months).

The hostel is good, although forgoing the hotel air conditioning right before getting sick was maybe not be best of circumstances. But the fans here are good and there is a generator for when the lights go out, so I’m set. Last time we stayed here it was very noisy – bars and clubs with blaring music. Last night was blessedly quiet. There are a few Ashesi students taking summer classes staying here as well, and I think there’s a study abroad group from Michigan staying here although I haven’t seen them yet.

Although I really need to work, today I will rest (don’t have a choice, really, I don’t have the energy or brain functioning to do too much) and hopefully I’ll be well enough to go to the show at the National Theatre tonight – it’s a very big deal here, a traveling show from South Africa called Africa Umoja: The Spirit of Togetherness. Ghana doesn’t have so many cultural activities anyway, and it’s pretty unusual that an international traveling show that has played in London and the US would come here. Definitely the cultural event of the season! I’ll go with our friends the Jacksons – I haven’t seen them yet, they’ve had a busy week - and then sleep over at their house Saturday night, since they live in a far suburb and while we’re driving we can chat and catch up more. I am really looking forward to seeing them! And then Sunday I will go with them to Asbury Dunwell church. Can’t wait for that!

Sunday: So I did go to the show, it was very fun, the National Theatre was packed, and I made it to church the next day, also fantastic (Steve: Brian, Auntie Pamela, and many others send their greetings and look forward to seeing you and Anna). After church I went to lunch with the Jacksons and Gonwers and their new intern Libbie but could only stomach some of Mary Kay’s rice and a coke. Cam is a doctor and he advised Cipro, and there was an open Pharmacy next door that had it, so I’m on meds now and should be good as new tomorrow! The sermon was on “where your heart/mind is, there you are also” and so I am deciding that I am well, and looking forward to the return of my energy!


Anonymous Ana S. said...

Oh Suzanne! I do hope you're feeling better by now. As I read the past couple of posts my heart did several pretty crazy things that I can't explain. Deeply embedded memories, I suppose. Even the word "Koala" made my heart skip a beat, and I really disliked that place! You really got me with "jollof rice" and "computer problems" haha. I hope you guys have a fantastic summer. I am always thinking of you all fondly.
Ana S.

8:37 AM, May 31, 2010  
Blogger Dr. Dale Schultz said...

I'm praying for your healing and that it be FAST. in Christ, Dale

3:32 PM, May 31, 2010  

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