The Buchele Adventure

This is record of the Buchele Adventure, as reported from West Africa.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Light is Off… A Lot, by Suzanne

I think it’s official, the light has been off more than it’s been on this trip (ps – since I wrote this yesterday, the light has been largely ON!  So I re-estimate that it’s been 50-50%).  At Ashesi they have generators (and the associated fumes and noise), only once that I’ve been there has the power been out more than a few seconds – the one time was when the generator overheated.  People say the frequency and long durations of light outs is unusual – up until the big rainstorm on Saturday light outs had been much less frequent, so the assumption is that this is a “blip”.  Power out is really not so bad, although it has definitely cut into my productiveness.  What laptop power I have in the evenings I have had to use for work, so even though I have several seasons of Will & Grace (thanks Mary!) and some movies too, I can’t watch them.  Also, I don’t have internet at home, but typically I could at least type out blog posts and emails at home and then copy and paste them during work the next day – not so much of that happening either, although this blog post is being written at my house – in light, but without the laptop battery charging – there is an odd thing in Ghana that sometimes only some of the house has power – they say something like ‘one phase’ is out.  I still don’t quite get it, but in a bit I will go search the house for an outlet that works so I can plug in to recharge.  I plan to watch a movie tonight – tomorrow is a holiday (African Unity Day), so this is my Friday, even though it’s Thursday (and this will get posted some time later). No one else is at the faculty house with me tonight, so a movie sounds good.  I did work hard this week and am ready for a whole evening of not working!  Maybe in the light, maybe in the dark, doesn’t much matter, but hopefully with enough power on my laptop battery.  Or if not, then I’ll start reading The Hunger Games – I hear it’s good! 
My bedroom (in the daylight, of course) - very spacious!

View towards the dressing area and bathroom


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