The Buchele Adventure

This is record of the Buchele Adventure, as reported from West Africa.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

TexMex in Ghana? Check out The Tongo Oasis -

Every ministry setting is as different as the people who live it, and Dave and Ellen’s commitment to each other and following Jesus in a relational way is certainly the product of who they are. For me it has been an exhaustive few days, and I get the feeling it is pretty typical for them. The verse not by my own strength, but by faith alone[1] comes to mind. That is how they do it.


Tonga Oasis signboard

As for me I need a day of rest so on my last day we take in some touristy things, including a surprising visit to Tonga Oasis. Tonga Oasis is the beautiful, but still under construction destination that Dave and Ellen want me to see. We run into Gary, and old friend from 2009. Gary was the new guy in country we sold our old vehicle to when we were shipping out. He has now sold it but had five years of driving, and it is still going strong.  I’m glad to know the rest of the story. Such a sweet surprise this divine encounter was of running into each other in a remote place.  Gary had just stopped Tonga Oasis to say he was leaving Ghana for the next four months.


Gary & Friends

The second surprise was to see Tamales on the menu, which I had to try.


Tamales at Tonga Oasis

The tamales were actually very good, and totally worth the trip.  I feel challenged to make my own once I get back to Berekuso.    The trouble comes later when we drive to the regional capital Tamale (tom-a-lee), and I want to call it ta-mal-lee.  

[1] Philippians 3:9


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