The Buchele Adventure

This is record of the Buchele Adventure, as reported from West Africa.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bolga–Neighborhood Bible Study

Steve is on a tour of Ghana to visit our Mission Society Colleagues serving in northern Ghana and Togo. Having spent some time with Sue K [her blog], he is now in Bolgatanga, with the Bolga Bartletts, Dave and Ellen.
See Dave in Action!
In the afternoon we prepare for the neighborhood Bible Study, when about 70 high energy kids show up before 7pm to study the Bible and learn about Jesus in a positive way. Dave and Ellen host it each Monday night, but a group of friends and local pastors do the bulk of the teaching.
Imagine a weekly Vacation Bible School, with 100 kids that goes on all year, in your home and you have a good idea what Dave and Ellen are doing here.  Week by week they are building a relationship with each child and their through the gospel. Tonight, even a grandmother shows up just to see what has so captivated her granddaughter’s faith.

A grandmother came to see what’s happening.

I had been warned that worship was intense, but nothing could have prepared me for its intensity. When overwhelmed, I have been known to crawl into my camera and observe from the safety of a lens, but tonight the drumming, neighborhood kids singing and dancing crashed into me, like a huge ocean wave.  I wimp out and sneak into the kitchen to see if Ellen needs any help, abandoning Dave. He does fine, after all, he does this every week.


Why Dave holding up six fingers?   


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